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Increasing traffic volumes and safety concerns for vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles prompted VDOT and the City of Roanoke to pursue improving the section of 10th Street between Fairfax Avenue and Williamson Road.

Right of way was purchased and the improvements were divided into two separate construction projects.  The first project, phase one, started just south of Fairfax Avenue and extends 0.78 mile to just north of Andrews Road.  The second project, phase two, starts at Andrews Road and extend 0.93 mile to Williamson Road.

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Tenth Street Improvements - Roanoke

Phase Two - COMPLETED: Andrews Road and Williamson Road

Phase two is a $10.7 million dollar project along the 0.9-mile section of Tenth Street in Roanoke from Andrews Road to Williamson Road. This phase of the project will improve traffic flow and safety for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists.

Improvements will include reconstructing the two travel lanes and providing bicycle lanes, curb and gutter, and sidewalks. Traffic signals are also being added or replaced at Tenth Street’s intersections with Hunt Avenue and Williamson Road and turn lanes will be added at the Tenth Street intersection with Hunt Avenue.

As of January 2020, 10th Street has reopened to through traffic and long-term traffic detours have been removed.

Work on the project began in summer 2017 and completed in summer 2020.

Phase One - COMPLETED: Fairfax Avenue and Andrews Road

Phase one was a $12-million project from south of Fairfax Avenue to just north of Andrews Road. This phase improved the existing roadway, widened travel lanes, updated signal equipment, provided curb and gutter, sidewalks and bike lanes. Turn lanes were added at 10th Street’s intersections with Hunt Avenue, Grayson Avenue and Orange Avenue. Additional improvements improved the safety and flow of traffic through the area while developing a bicycle/pedestrian friendly environment.  Lick Run and the Lick Run Greenway now pass through a concrete arch under 10th Street.

Work began in summer 2016 and was completed in summer 2018. 


The benefits of this project focused on improving the safety and flow of traffic through the area while developing a bicycle/pedestrian friendly environment. 


Contact Info:

Sid Scott

Phase: Fairfax Avenue to Andrews Road and Andrews Road to Williamson Road

Lat/Long: 37.282763, -79.954664

Locality: Roanoke

Page last modified: July 20, 2020