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Route 220 Corridor Intersection Improvements

Project at a Glance
Franklin, Henry, and Roanoke


Brett Elledge, P.E.


The purpose of this $16.1-million project is to improve signalized intersections along Route 220 in the City of Roanoke and the counties of Roanoke, Franklin and Henry.  Seven signalized intersections along this important corridor will be modified using an innovative intersection design known as a thru-cut.

A thru-cut intersection redirects side-street through traffic to turn left or right at the signal and to turn directly into businesses or to use a nearby crossover to make a U-turn.

Modifying these intersections will increase efficiency and create shorter wait times along the Route 220 corridor by reducing signal phases.  With fewer signal phases, more time can be provided to the Route 220 through movements without reducing service to the side-street movements.  

The resulting improvement in operations is similar to widening Route 220 from four lanes to six lanes, but at a fraction of the cost.  

Reducing stop and go traffic also enhances safety. Crashes may be reduced by approximately 15-20 percent.  

This project also includes installing pedestrian accommodations as needed at the urban intersections. 

Construction is expected to begin on the northern four intersections in summer 2021 and the southern three intersections in late 2021.


  • Improves safety: Reduces rear-end collisions
  • Increases efficiency: Reduces delays by 20% and lessens the number of stops at intersections
  • Creates shorter wait times: Reduces the number of signal phases
  • Provides Cost-effective Benefits: Improves corridor at a cost that is less than 10% of traditional widening
  • Enhances Pedestrian Safety: Adds new crosswalks and other features 

Please view the videos and images of the specific intersections below for more information. VDOT received public comments on the project in September/October 2020.

Visit the links below for video presentations about specific intersections.

Intersections in Roanoke and Roanoke County

Intersections in Henry and Franklin Counties

View the pictures below of each specific intersections.

Route 220 & Clearbrook Village Lane/Indian Grave Road Intersection 

Route 220 & Buck Mountain Road/Stable Road Intersection


Route 220 & Pheasant Ridge Road/Crossbow Circle Intersection

Route 220 & Southern Hills Drive/Valley Avenue Intersection


Route 220 & Sontag Road/Cassell Drive Intersection

Route 220 & Wirtz Road Intersection


Route 220 & Dyer Street

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