Proposed: 13th Street and Hollins Road Improvements

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The purpose of this project is to eliminate the at-grade railroad crossing and provide a more direct major north-south thoroughfare for citizens by realigning and connecting 13th Street and Hollins Road in Roanoke. 

A majority of 13th Street would be reconstructed as a two-lane roadway with 10.5-foot wide travel lanes with a raised median and landscaping.

Roundabouts are proposed for the intersections at Tazewell and Wise avenues.  At other intersections (Stewart, Church, Kirk and Campbell avenues), right turns would only be permitted.

Traffic wishing to make a left turn would need to proceed to the next roundabout and make a U-turn. The purpose for limiting this traffic movement is to reduce the opportunities for collisions.

Hollins Road and a small portion of 13th Street would be reconstructed as a four-lane roadway two 11-foot wide travel lanes. Additional capacity will be added at the intersection of Hollins Road and Orange Avenue (Route 460).  As part of this project, a new bridge would be constructed spanning Lick Run and the Norfolk-Southern railroad tracks.

Proposed accommodations for bicycles and pedestrians include dedicated five-foot wide bike lanes and five-foot wide sidewalks for the entire length of the project. Curb and gutter will also be installed for a majority of the project.

Additional traffic capacity will be provided at the intersection of Hollins Road and Orange Avenue (Route 460) by adding dual left lanes from Orange Avenue to Hollins Road.


By using roundabouts at intersections instead of traditional signals, there is an opportunity for neighborhood landscaping that would help the proposed improvements blend in with the surrounding neighborhood.

VDOT worked with architects at Virginia Tech to develop two initial designs for landscaping at each roundabout. The two designs are entitled "Where the Mountains Meet the Valley" and "Arrival at the Station." Each design draws upon a particular feature of this area. As this project moves forward, a single design will be selected.

Major Milestones 

Right of way occurred from 2011 to 2014.  

The project is not funded for construction, so a date for work to begin has not been identified.

The Six-Year Improvement Program (SYIP) identifies $22.9 million for the design and right of way phases of the project, but construction funds are not identified in the program.

The current construction estimate is $37.1 million.  The City of Roanoke has identified the project as a priority to receive funds in VDOT’s SYIP.


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Brian Becker, P.E.

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Phase: Right of Way

Lat/Long: 37.274761, -79.924063

Locality: Roanoke

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An architect's rendering at Wise Avenue
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An architect's rendering at Tazewell Avenue

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