Under Construction: Route 501, Brookneal Highway Shoulder Widening, Campbell County


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The purpose of this project is to increase safety and operations along the US 501 Corridor in Campbell County through the use of shoulder widening improvements. The project will begin 0.024 miles north of Route 655 and end 0.450 miles south of Route 655, a distance of 0.4740 miles.


This project will improve safety along the Route 501 in Campbell County.

Major Milestones 

White's Construction Company, Inc. of Sutherlin was awarded a contract for construction of this project in February 2020. 


Contact Info:

Raina Rosado, P.E.

Phase: Development

UPC: 104947

State ID: 0501-015-764, P101, C501

Federal ID: STP-015-3(075), STP-015-3(089), STP-015-3(090)

Lat/Long: 37.297624, -79.112686

Locality: Campbell

Page last modified: March 5, 2020