Recently Completed: Intersection Improvements at Route 199 and Brookwood Drive

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To increase vehicle capacity and alleviate traffic congestion during peak traffic times at the intersection of Route 199 (Humelsine Parkway) and Brookwood Drive in James City County, the following improvements were completed:

Widening of Brookwood Drive:

The previous lane configuration on Brookwood Drive at the intersection of Route 199 consisted of one left turn-through lane and one right turn lane. This project converted the existing right turn lane onto Route 199 east to a left-turn/through lane, as well as add a new right-turn lane on Brookwood Drive onto Route 199 east. 

The new lane configuration on Brookwood Drive now consists of one dedicated left-turn lane, one left-turn/through lane and one dedicated right-turn lane onto Route 199. 

Additional Improvements:

  • Median modifications on Route 199
  • Signal head replacement at the intersection
  • Drainage improvements


Benefits of this new lane configuration include: 

  • Increase vehicle capacity
  • Alleviate traffic congestion
  • New traffic signal head
  • New median modifications
  • Drainage improvements

Major Milestones 

The $358,000 construction contract was awarded to Henry S. Branscome, LLC, of Williamsburg, VA on November 16, 2017. 

A notice to proceed construction was issued to the contractor on Monday, March 5, 2018, with an estimated completion date of mid-summer 2018.

Project completed, and new intersection configuration opened to the public on June 7, 2018.


Contact Info:

Hampton Roads Communications

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Lat/Long: 37.250051, -76.728219

Locality: James City

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