Under Construction: Route 671 (General Thomas Highway) Over Nottoway River Bridge Replacement

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About the Project

This project is located on Route 671 (General Thomas Highway) in Southampton County. Route 671 (General Thomas Highway) is a rural major collector roadway with a current average daily traffic (ADT) of 5,350 vehicles per day, 8% of which are trucks. The ADT is projected to be 9,300 vehicles per day in design year 2041. The existing right of way is 105 feet to 130 minimum, and the posted speed limit is 55 mph.

The purpose of the project is to replace two existing structurally-deficient bridges over the Nottoway River with two new bridges that meet current design standards. The proposed bridges will be constructed within the same roadway corridor. Additional right of way and utility easements will be required to widen bridges and approaches.


The roadway across the proposed bridges will carry two 12-foot lanes with 9-foot shoulders. The project also includes roadway improvements to the approaches to the bridges and new storm water management facilities. 

Major Milestones 

Crowder Construction Company based in Charlotte, North Carolina began work on this project in January 2021.


Contact Info:

Hampton Roads Communications
(757) 956-3032

Project Photos

Phase: Construction

UPC: 101495

Lat/Long: 36.652681, -77.003084

Locality: Southampton

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