Recently Completed: Route 642 Reconstruction

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The project was located in Northampton County and in the town of Cape Charles. The county has a population of 12,226. Old Cape Charles Road (Route 642) is a rural major collector roadway. 


The purpose of the project was to provide safety improvements and enhance access to the Cape Charles Harbor. The roadway now consists of two 12’ lanes and partially paved 8-foot-wide shoulders, to accommodate bicycles and pedestrians.

Major Milestones 

Update: Kevcor Contracting completed the reconstruction project in July 2018 and reopened the road to traffic. Read the release here.

Previously: The Route 642 Reconstruction project was advertised for construction in March 2016. Kevcor Contracting Corporation was awarded the contract for $4 million. Notice to Proceed was given on June 3, 2016, and construction will begin in August 2016. 


Contact Info:

Hampton Roads Communications

Lat/Long: 37.263365, -76.001019

Locality: Northampton

Page last modified: Jan. 3, 2019