Under Construction: I-64 HRBT Ceiling Panel and Upper Duct Repairs

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This project involves ceiling panel and upper duct repairs in both directions of the I-64 Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel. 

Selected ceiling panels will be replaced including brackets, support hangers and selected adhesive anchors in the upper exhaust duct, in addition to repairing cracks and scaling on concrete walls throughout both tunnels. The ceiling panels located at the entrances and exits of both the east- and westbound tunnels will be removed and the exposed concrete will be painted. Permanent hatches will also be installed to replace the existing static ceiling panels in each of the tunnels, which will allow access into the upper air ducts for future repair and maintenance activities. 



  • Allow access into upper air ducts for future repair and meintenance activities. 


Contact Info:

Hampton Roads Communications

Lat/Long: 36.993474, -76.311347

Locality: Hampton

Page last modified: Jan. 15, 2019