In Design: Stefangia Road and Mountain View Road Intersection Improvement Project


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This project seeks to improve the safety of the Stefaniga Road and Mountain View Road intersection by realigning it to be directly across from the Lightfoot Drive and Mountain View Road intersection. The realigned intersection will be converted into a roundabout to improve sight distance and reduce delays associated with a 4-way stop controlled intersection. A sidewalk around the roundabout and corresponding curb ramps will be constructed and connected to existing sidewalk along Lightfoot Drive. 


This new intersection configuration will reduce the number of points where vehicles can cross paths, eliminating the potential for crashes.


Contact Info:

Stephen Haynes
(540) 899-4709

Phase: In Design

UPC: 115122

Lat/Long: 38.445166, -77.488788

Locality: Stafford

Page last modified: March 30, 2020