Recently Completed: Route 617 over Exol Swamp Bridge Replacement

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This State of Good Repair project replaced the bridge over Exol Swamp in King and Queen County with a new bridge. The original structure was built in 1965, and was structurally deficient. 

Exol Road reopened to traffic at the new bridge on Nov. 20, 2020. 

In August 2017, VDOT installed a temporary structure, known as a Bailey Bridge, over Exol Swamp. This temporary structure supports structurally deficient bridges, and allowed the road to remain open to traffic until the bridge replacement project started. The temporary bridge was closed to allow construction to begin on the permanent bridge replacement. 

An average of 60 vehicles a day cross the bridge, according to VDOT traffic counts. 

The new bridge is 75 feet long and 24 feet wide. It is a two-span concrete slab structure with concrete piles and abutments. 

Bailey Bridge

The Bailey Bridge was dismantled and stored at VDOT Port Royal Area Headquarters in Caroline County. The temporary structure can be used at other locations throughout the 14-county Fredericksburg District to provide support to other structures that are slated to be repaired or replaced.

The original bridge over Exol Swamp was demolished prior to construction of the new bridge. 


To provide a wider and safer concrete structure for drivers to use when crossing Exol Swamp.  The new structure will also improve roadway drainage after heavy rain events.  


Major funding source: State of Good Repair

Phase: Recently completed

UPC: 110901

State ID: 0617-049-590,P101,R201,M501,B611

Federal ID: BR06276

Lat/Long: 37.744190, -76.838820

Locality: King and Queen

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