In Design: Route 301 University Drive/Market Center Double R-CUT (Restricted Crossing U-Turns)


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This project will improve pedestrian and bicycle crossings by reconfiguring two intersections into RCUTS (Restricted Crossing U-Turns): University Drive at Route 301 and Market Center at Route 30. This project will provide marked pedestrian crossings where currently none exist. It also provides sidewalks at the terminus of both crosswalks on the east side of Route 301. 


Currently, no sidewalks exist in those locations. This will allow area employees to safely access the shopping area at Market Center by walking instead of driving across the roadway.


Contact Info:

Stephen Haynes
(540) 899-4709

Phase: In Design

UPC: 115116

Lat/Long: 38.348880, -77.056320

Locality: King George

Page last modified: March 30, 2020