In Design: Route 301 and Route 3 Median U-Turn Intersection


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The intersection at Route 3 with Route 301 will be reconfigured to a Median U-Turn (MUT), which is an innovative intersection that disallows left turns at the main intersection. The redesigned intersection will have single lane U-turn areas at dedicated median openings to complete the desired movement. The U-turn areas will be built on northbound Route 301, south of the intersection. Pedestrian crossings will also be installed.


A median U-Turn (MUT) intersection improves safety by reducing the number of points where vehicles cross paths and decreases the potential for right-angle crashes.

It will increase efficiency by eliminating left-turn movements from the main intersection, which will allow for fewer traffic signal phases, reducing delay and increasing capacity. 


Contact Info:

Stephen Haynes
(540) 899-4709

Phase: In Design

UPC: 115120

Lat/Long: 38.239077, -77.150185

Locality: King George

Page last modified: March 30, 2020