In Design: Lafayette Boulevard/Kenmore Avenue/Charles Street Roundabout


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The project will address two traffic signals that are too close together and unable to adequately handle future traffic projections. It will remove the existing traffic signals at Lafayette Boulevard and Kenmore Avenue and build a full roundabout. At Lafayette Boulevard and Charles Street, the project will also remove the existing traffic signal and construct a mini roundabout. The remaining traffic signals at Princess Anne Street and Caroline Street would be optimized and coordinated to provide more efficient traffic flow between the roundabouts and Sophia Street. 


Pedestrians will be accommodated at both roundabouts through the installation of marked crosswalks and advance warning signs. Mini roundabouts are characterized by their traversable islands and yield control on all approaches, which allows them to function as other roundabouts, but within physically constrained spaces. Due to the small footprint, large vehicles typically overrun the fully traversable central island.


Contact Info:

Stephen Haynes
(540) 899-4709

Phase: In Design

UPC: 115123

Lat/Long: 38.297720, -77.459523

Locality: Fredericksburg

Page last modified: March 30, 2020