Highway Safety Corridors: I-95 Highway Safety Corridor Fact Sheet


  • 13-mile section, from mile marker 70 near Bells Road in the City of Richmond to mile marker 83 near at Parham Road in Henrico County.
  • This is the second stretch of highway in Virginia to be designated for increased enforcement and fines under Highway Safety Corridor Program, a law passed by the General Assembly in 2003.
  • Tickets for speeding could result in fines up to $500. Criminal offenses such as reckless driving or driving under the influence could result in fines up to $2,500.
  • Section selected on the basis of:
    • Crash frequency
    • Overall vehicle crash rate
    • Truck involved crash rate
    • Enforcement considerations
    • Roadway characteristics
  • Crash frequency in this section, weighted by severity of crash, is at least 50 percent above the regional average for the years 2000-2002.
  • Crash rate, considering traffic volume, is at least 25 percent above regional average. Truck-involved crash rate exceeds overall crash rate for the region.
  • This segment carries a peak of 140,000 vehicles per day between the I-64 interchanges. Other roadway considerations include spacing of interchanges and impact of work zones.

The following are crash statistics for the 13-mile I-95 corridor being designated Jan. 6.

  • Fatalities and Injuries:
    • 2000: 4 fatalities, 226 injuries
    • 2001: 1 fatality, 256 injuries
    • 2002: 1 fatality, 257 injuries
  • Crashes:
    • 2000 – 578
    • 2001 – 607
    • 2002 – 649

1,834 total crashes is one crash every 14 and 1/3 hours during the three years studied.

  • This 13-mile section is 7.3 percent of I-95 but experienced 14.5 percent of all I-95 crashes between 2000 and 2002.
  • VDOT held a public hearing Oct. 7 to solicit public input on this corridor.

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