Vastine Stickley Arehart, Sr.

Vastine Stickley Arehart, Sr.

–  Reprinted from The Evening Leader, Staunton, VA September 15, 1936

He resided on Peyton farm at Greenville and was a farmer, but for the past three years had been an employee of the state highway department, a section of road in the Greenville vicinity being under his supervision.” “Mr. Arehart and Charles M. Moomau, another highway employee, were operating a state tractor-scraper when, investigating officers report, it was rammed in the rear by a big van.”  The accident happened at the intersection of route 12 and the Lee highway. Mr. Arehart’s death was reported due to shock. He failed to rally from the effects of a badly crushed shoulder.

Mr. Arehart was survived by his wife, Mabel Almond Arehart, and nine children, ranging in age from 3 to 23.  There were five daughters: Ilene Erle, Margaret Payne, Ruth Winifred, Dorothy Lillian, and Agatha Gay.  The four sons were Vastine Stickley, Jr., Fred Almond, Arthur Thomas, and James William.

A Remembrance from Agatha Gay Arehart Meeks 

Sadly to say, since I was the youngest child of Vastine S. and Mabel Arehart, (not quite 3 years old) I was the only one in the family that did not remember my dad.  It was such a comfort to me to know that Dad was with my mother when I was baptized on Sunday, Sept.13, 1936 before his accident the next day,  Sept. 14, 1936.  My mother was left with 9 children to raise, me the youngest of nine.

It was very strange my mother often told me that she had a premonition on Monday morning when my dad left for work, that he would not be coming home that evening.  Being the baby of nine I witnessed a wonderful Christian lady saying where there is a will there is a way!!

Agatha Gay Arehart Meeks